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  • D&RGW Fowler Clone Resin Kit by Westerfield Part 2

    Continuation of this post, which got a bit image-heavy. Roof Next, the roof needed slicing with a fresh razor blade and breaking in half. It ended up breaking all the way in half, but a few short pieces of Tamiya masking tape kept it in place for construction. The end walks required brass strips. In […]

  • D&RGW Fowler Clone Resin Kit by Westerfield Part 1

    This time around is my second resin car kit build, a 40′ Fowler clone box car from Westerfield, kit number 6453 [6453 FOWLER SS BOX CAR CLONE, MODERN, D&RG, D&RGW]. Protocraft has some prototype photos, as does Eric Hansmann. Sanding Out The first thing to do in this kit was deal with how thick the […]

  • Weathering Saga Part 1

    In which we begin a self-made crash course on learning how to paint and weather. After a few attempts on two junk cars did not yield acceptable results, I split up a sheet of Evergreen styrene car siding into chunks approximating 1/4 of a box car. These would be the focus of my weathering training. […]